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Let's Get Started

Let's Get Started Bundle

It's time to get Queen.

And it's never too late to begin taking care of your health and hygiene, so what better time than now to give yourself the Queen V royal treatment? Our entirely pH-balanced starter kit includes a spritzer, probiotic, cleansing bar and body wash. On your mark, get set, glow!

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$35.00 USD
  • DD Probiotic
  • V Bar
  • The Spritzer
  • Make it Reign

Make It Reign A gentle pH-balanced cleanser made without parabens.

V Bar Rosewater and aloe-infused pH-balanced cleansing bar.

DD Probiotic Daily Dose Probiotic supports your digestive, immune, and antioxidant health.

The Spritzer A hydrating and refreshing rosewater spray designed to control odor.

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