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our story

Queen V was founded by a frustration with the harmful ingredients that have become the norm in women's health.

Our objective is to conquer the feminine wellness space with products that are pH-balanced, free of harmful ingredients, convenient, easy to use, and affordable.

We're a female-powered, millennial-focused health and wellness company that has cultivated a community of empowered women.

Our 11 products make up the 3 steps of Queen V




is your vagina basic?

A healthy vaginal pH is somewhere between 3.8 to 4.5. 

If you're healthy your Queen V should regulate itself and keep it in this acidic range.

Acidic Range

Most soap products have a pH level of 9.5. Imbalanced pH levels can cause infection, irritation, and discomfort.

Acidic Range

our standards

pH Balanced


Paraben Free


Gynecologist Recommended



Fragrance Free



Cruelty Free


Latex Free



meet our founder

Feminine wellness can be confusingpainful, and embarrassing. I know, because I've been there.

I realized that my body is constantly changing and requires very specific products for everything "down there". I call that area my "Queen V". From keeping clean to preventing and fighting infections, I discovered that my "Queen V" is very complicated. 

I soon found out I wasn't alone. I started talking to my best friends and realized we had all tried almost every feminine hygiene product out there. We all wanted products to be convenient, easy to understand, and affordable with better for you ingredients. What I came to realize is that there are very few products on the market that fit what we are looking for. 

 The brands currently offered seem outdated and ineffective. So I took matters into my own hands. That's when Queen V was born. 

 I'm changing the face of this category and opening up an honest conversation. Queen V is a female-powered, millennial-focused feminine health and wellness company with one goal: to help women become Queen V.


Lauren Steinberg


did you know?

Did you know soap should never be used in or around your vagina? Doctors suggest warm water or a cleansing bar that matches the pH level of your vagina.

Did you know your groin has more eccrine sweat glands than any part of your body? That's why it smells down there after you work out or have a long day.

Did you know that most lubricants are not free of parabens and even contain ingredients such as glycerin and propylene glycol? These ingredients can cause infections, irritation, and discomfort.