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How are Queen V products better for you versus other products on the market? 

All of our products are pH-balanced and use better for you ingredients whenever possible. We use best in class manufacturers to innovate with safe and proven formulations. Our line of products is made in FDA approved laboratories and all of our factories are Walmart approved, which means they adhere to strict standards and compliance. Our manufacturers have rigorously tested all of our products and our lubricants have gone through additional irritation testing.  

Are you available in other countries? 

Currently we are only available in the United States. 

Where are your products manufactured? 

All of our products are manufactured in the United States. 

Is it safe to use your products while pregnant? 

We recommend that you always check with your doctor before using any new products while pregnant or nursing. 

Are Queen V products all natural? Are they vegan and gluten-free? 

Some of our products fit the profile of being vegan and/or gluten-free, but not all of them do. If you have a gluten allergy or intolerance, please consult the ingredients on our packaging and website as well as your doctor before using any Queen V products. Most of our products are all-natural, however during our research we found that some ingredients are necessary to ensure effectiveness. Again, please refer to our ingredient lists on the back of all of our packaging. 

What is the shelf life of your products? 

All of our products have a minimum shelf life of 2 years. 

What is the vagina's ideal pH balance? What is the benefit of pH-balanced products for my vagina? 

A healthy vaginal pH value is somewhere between 3.8 and 4.5. Products with pH levels outside of your vaginal pH range can cause irritation and increase the likelihood of infections. 

What is the function of the Eraser? What is boric acid? 

 The Eraser is a boric acid suppository for yeast infections. Boric acid is a naturally occurring compound which helps kill bad bacteria that has invaded your Queen V. Boric acid works by bringing your Queen V’s pH level back to its normal state after a vaginal infection (like yeast infection or Bacterial Vaginosis) gets things out of whack. You can also use The Eraser when things just don’t feel right down there. The Eraser is effective, acts quickly and is all-natural. 

Will the Eraser cure my yeast infection? 

The main purpose of the Eraser is to restore your vaginal pH to healthy levels, which in turn may relieve symptoms of a yeast infection or Bacterial Vaginosis. You should always contact your physician if you think you might have an infection.

When is the UTMI most effective? How do I know if I have a UTI? 

UTMI helps to support and maintain urinary tract health with D-Mannose, a sugar known to support urinary tract (UT) health and cranberry, an ingredient that helps bacterial anti-adherence to the UT lining in your Queen V. You’re familiar with the burning feeling of a urinary tract infection (UTI), but do you know what actually causes it? 

Quick biology lesson. Kidneys remove waste and water from your blood to produce urine . Your urine travels through your ureters to your bladder. #tmi! And we all know what happens when your body releases the urine. Most UTIs are caused when bacteria gets into your body through your urethra and spreads; sometimes all the way up to your kidneys. It is extremely easy for bacteria to spread because of how close together all of these parts in your body are. Bacteria can be caused by multiple factors , including sex or even not wiping yourself properly after you use the bathroom. Sneaky bacteria....Most UTIs are caused by E. coli bacteria, which is normally found in your intestinal tract. But when the E. coli goes somewhere in your body where it is not supposed to be, bring on the symptoms of a UTI. Think of E. coli like little sticky pests that latch onto the walls in your bladder. Your pee is no match for “rinsing away” these sticky demons. Lucky for us, D-Mannose sticks onto the E. coli and helps our bodies “rinse” the bad bacteria away with urine. In addition to D-Mannose, many studies suggest that cranberry is also a great way to help prevent UTIs (because it helps prevent E. coli from sticking to other bacteria). 

How much d-mannose is in the Queen V UTMI supplement? 

There is less than 1% of d-mannose in UTMI. 

Does the UTMI also prevent yeast infections? 

While the UTMI aims to prevent urinary tract infections, we recommend using our Maintain products to help prevent yeast infections. If you do get a yeast infection, we recommend seeing a doctor and using the Eraser. 

Is the V Bar a bar of soap or a cleanser? 

Our Queen V Bar is an all natural cleansing bar formulated without the harsh ingredients found in soap. Our V Bar is the only cleansing bar out there with a pH of 5 specifically made to target your Queen V’s gentle and fresh cleansing needs. The V Bar cleanses your Queen V while also protecting you from both infection and irritation. The V bar is meant for external use only and has a pH of 5 because your skin’s mantle has a pH of 5. 

We have all heard that the vagina is a self-cleanser, which means that it can clean itself. Doctors do not recommend cleaning the vagina with anything other than water. Your good bacteria work to keep everything clean in the vagina. However, the vulva is a different story. The vulva is the area immediately external to the vagina. It is fine to use soap and washes to clean your vulva, however, most soaps and cleansers have a pH that ranges from 9-10 which can cause irritation and/or infections (and some drama in your life) because our vagina naturally has a pH of 3.8-4.5 and our skin has a pH around 5. That’s where our V Bar comes in. With a pH-balance of 5, the V Bar cleanses your Queen V while also protecting you from both infection and irritation. 

Can the V Bar be used on the rest of the body, aside from the vagina? 

Yes! The V Bar is multi-purpose and can be a cleansing bar for the whole body. 

How is the Spritzer a deodorant?Why do you use synthetic fragrance in the Spritzer? 

We know your Queen V isn’t supposed to smell like roses or a candle shop. Our spritzer is not designed to change the smell of your Queen V, but rather to help control the odor while also providing your Queen V with a hydrating pick-me-up. 

We’re sure you’ve done your research and have learned that many doctors call BS when it comes to vaginal deodorants or freshening sprays. They do not recommend applying anything to your Queen V because of the risk of disrupting the natural bacteria environment if anything gets inside you. That is why the pH-balanced quality of our Spritzer is so important. pH refers to the vagina's acidity level. A vaginal pH of 3.5 - 4.5 indicates that there is a perfect amount of good bacteria, and no overgrowth of bad bacteria that can cause odor, irritation and sometimes infection. 

Because our Spritzer is pH-balanced, it does its job of controlling odor while also providing your Queen V with a hydrating boost without throwing anything off down there. After much research and testing our R&D team found that to make the Spritzer as effective as possible, a small amount of synthetic fragrance was necessary. 

When is the best time to use the Spritzer? 

Any time! Overall, we recommend the Spritzer for any time you need a quick refreshing spritz or to maintain odor control. Our team loves to have the Spritzer handy for after yoga class or the beach! 

Is the Spritzer talc-free? 

Yes. The Spritzer is talc-free. You can find all of our ingredients on our packaging. 

Is the DD Probiotic a daily vitamin? Does it need to be refrigerated? 

DD (Daily Dose) Probiotic promotes a healthy Queen V by balancing yeast and bacteria, while also supporting your digestive, immune and antioxidant health. The DD Probiotic targets not only your vagina, but your gut and immune system. It’s an all-encompassing probiotic in a pill-shaped bottle. We use vegetable capsules that are non-GMO and gluten-free so they are safe for many people. The probiotic does not need to be refrigerated and can be stored in a cool, dry place. 

To keep it simple, probiotics bring good bacteria into the body and help keep the bad from flourishing. Good bacteria are important because it helps promote a healthy Queen V environment (Queen Vironment). By having a healthy Queen V, you are promoting your overall health; specifically your digestive, urinary tract and vaginal health. 

Lactobacillus and other bacteria like yeast are present in your body naturally. This is a good thing. When there is a healthy balance of bacteria, your vaginal health is on point. 

DD Probiotic provides probiotic lactobacillus that work in your body to provide yeast and bacterial balance. But, because we are such huge fans of our Queen V, we added in some of our favorite ingredients to provide even more benefits for our bodies! 

Turmeric Root Powder: Turmeric contains the active curcumin. Curcumin and other actives in turmeric may decrease inflammation. 

Folic Acid: May help your body produce and maintain new cells. 

Garlic Extract Powder: May be used in relation to conditions related to the heart and blood system. 

Bioperine Black Pepper Extract: May help fight germs and cause the stomach to increase the flow of digestive juices. 

Grapefruit Seed: Grapefruit is a source of vitamin C, fiber, potassium, pectin, and other nutrients. Some components may have antioxidant effects that might help protect cells from damage or reduce cholesterol. 

There was no protective seal on my swipe-right wipes. Do I have a faulty product? 

The current packaging for Swipe Right Wipes does not come with a seal so you do not have faulty product. The cap on the canister keeps the product free from contamination. 

Why are my Bombshell bath bombs a different color than my friend's bath bombs? 

The bath bombs are all-natural, dye-free and fragrance-free. Because the essential oils are all-natural, sometimes they vary in color, meaning every batch will be a different shade. 

Is P.S. I Lube You Fertility Safe? 

Our product is glycerin-free and paraben-free and also has pH-balancing properties for your V. Studies show that having glycerin and parabens in lubricants may lower sperm count. We recommend consulting your doctor on the best lubricant for fertility. 

What is the difference between Spray Bay Bay and P.S. I Lube You? 

P.S. I Lube You is aloe-based, latex friendly and is formulated for those with sensitive skin types in mind. Long-lasting and free of irritating side effects associated with most lubes on the market, our lube is designed to enhance your sexual pleasure. Lube doesn’t have to be your guilty pleasure. At Queen V, we do not “lube-shame.” Your body isn’t always in control of your wetness and some women’s bodies simply do not produce enough or even any lubrication on their own. Lube is a tool that helps increase pleasure while also reducing the risk of micro-tears. Don’t believe us? Research indicates that lube actually leads to higher levels of arousal, pleasure and satisfaction. 

Spray Bay Bay provides an easy-to-apply, continuous mist of our best-selling organic aloe-based intimate moisturizer, P.S. I Lube You. The lightweight formula sprays-on with easy 360-degree application that provides a mess-free glide. 

What should I do if I have an allergic or negative reaction to Queen V products? 

Our products are made in FDA approved facilities. Please make sure to read the ingredients listed on the back of our bottles. Please confirm you are not allergic to any ingredients in a product before using it. Always consult a doctor before using a new product or if you have an allergic reaction. 

Do you have coupons available for your products? 

We do not have coupons available at the moment. Keep an eye out for them in the future! 

How can I request a donation to my charitable cause or event? 

To request a donation, please send an email to with details about your cause or event and how to contact you. We try our best to respond within a few days! 

Does Queen V have a monthly subscription box? 

At the moment, Queen V does not have a monthly subscription box. Please feel free to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on new bundles and subscription plans in the future! 

Can I only buy products at,, and Walmart stores? 

At the moment you can only buy our products at these locations, however this summer we will begin selling our products online. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned! 

What is your return policy? 

Please contact your local Walmart store to get information on their return policy. 

How can I find Queen V on social media? 

You can find us on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

I’m a college student and would love to be part of the Queen VIP brand ambassador program! How do I apply? 

The Queen VIP program runs each Spring, Summer & Fall semester. We accept applications on a rolling basis! To apply, fill out the form on our Queen VIP page.

Do you offer samples? 

At this time we do not offer samples of our products. If you would like to collaborate with Queen V please email us at

I have a marketing/PR request - who do I contact? 

For all marketing and press related inquiries please contact

How can I find out more information about new and current Queen V products and the brand itself? 

You can learn all about our products on their individual product pages. If you have any other questions or thoughts, let us know by emailing and subscribe to our newsletter by entering your email on!