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Dr. Sara Twogood, MD

Obstetrician-Gynecologist, Cedars Sinai Medical Group, CA, USA

I’m a board certified obstetrician / gynecologist in Los Angeles. I love what I do. I love helping women navigate issues of sex, fertility, pregnancy, and everything before, after, and in between.

About my blog: I tell my patients, my friends, even strangers at dinner parties (yes, they ask!), the same information I write about here. I want to help educate you, dispel myths, and make medical literature relevant to our day to day living. The medical information I give is from medically sound and reliable sources. No fake news or magical thinking here.

BLOG POSTS BY Dr. Sara Twogood, MD

Health benefits of orgasm

Orgasms feel great, yes. But did you know they have health benefits too??Here are some favorites:  Orgasms release “happy hormones” That post orgasm glow? That’s in part caused by the hormones oxytocin and dopamine that are released during sexual arousal and especially orgasm. These hormones promote a peace and feeling of satisfaction and...

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Pubic hair – why is it there?

Why do we have pubic hair? What is its purpose? The answer? We don’t really know. Here are some leading theories of why pubic hair evolved in the first place: Protection. In the primitive time of limited clothing, it could have served as protection for the delicate skin of the vulva. It may...

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