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pH-Balanced Feminine Wipes

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Wipe away bacteria for a peachy clean Queen V.

Flushable wipes infused with Queen V friendly vitamin E & coconut oil for when you need to freshen up down there (or anywhere).

Coconut oil and aloe.

Wipe right, wipe left, wipe up and down (but really wipe from front to back) for a soothing and refreshing cleanse anytime and anywhere. Pull out one wipe and firmly reseal lid. Unfold wipe and gently cleanse. For best flushability, use only one wipe per flush.

Purified Water, Lauryl Glucoside, Oenothera Biennis (Evening Primrose) Oil, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Phenoxyethanol, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid

No Shame In Our Game

for women by women

manufactured in the USA



better-for-you ingredients



Most cleansers and soaps have a pH that ranges from 9 to 10.

This can cause an overgrowth of bad bacteria that leads to irritation.

A healthy vaginal pH is acidic, somewhere between 3.8 to 4.5.

Queen V products have a healthy pH of 4.5 to 5.

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Customer Reviews
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Wilamenia G.
United States United States
Comfort and convenient


Azur T.
United States United States
Great post-sex

So refreshing, clean feeling, and moisturizing. No scent and no dye is a huge plus! Great post-sex.

Heather H.
United States United States

Great! Stupendous! These wipes are awesome! They have helped me a lot.

Melissa .
United States United States
Packaging and wipe thickness need revamped, but wipes do leave you clean and fresh!!

Ok so I have a confession...sometimes I don’t always wipe front to back. So when I saw they advertise wipe front, back, left, right I decided I’d give them a try. I don’t get infections or anything, but figured I try them for shits and giggles. Well... I TOTALLY agree with everyone else. The wipes are hard to pull out. The first time I used one I probably wasted 5 of them because they came out in a clump And wound up ripping most of those. Then after I used them a few times I would still rip them when they came apart. Now that I’m down to the middle of the pack, I think I’ve got the hang of how to pull them apart 1 by 1 without ripping them. But....there are times when they rip just when I’m wiping...kinda gross!!! It’s like when you have that rare moment when you go to wipe and ur finger accidentally poked a hole through the TP!!! Ugh!!! So yeah overall they are ok. They just need to do something about the way they are packaged, the thickness and yeah they could use a little more scent to them. On a positive note, after I do use them the wet feeling you get does go away pretty quick( like by the time I pull my undies back up) and I do feel really fresh and clean down there!!!

Dr. Wah
United States United States
Best Wipes Ever

These wipes are great. They help refresh your private parts without setting them on fire. I've had no issues with this product. I love the smell and I feel so refreshed after using them. The packaging is a bit difficult to navigate but I wouldn't trade these wipes for the world. As a doctor, I've struggled with finding products that don't irritate me. Even the most sensitive and expensive products have caused issues in the past. I've had no rashes, itching or allergic reactions to these wipes.

United States United States
My favorite wipes!

I really love these wipes!! They smell amazing and do wonders for all over quick cleans! From sweat to freshening up down under!

Jean O.
United States United States
Love it

Price smell and quality are spectacular

Shazia K.
United States United States
Wipes are great!

These wipes really keep moisture in, which is great!

April H.
United States United States


United States United States

I bought these a month or so ago and every time I use them I feel refreshed. I got down to about half way done with them and the hard plastic had come away from the softer side, which of course left them open. While I had no issue with this, I did make sure to let them know and the customer support was amazing. I sent them everything they asked for and I now have a replacement on the way. I can’t be any more pleased with this company and their products. I definitely recommend trying and not just the wipes either!