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Let's Talk About Feminine Deodorant Sprays


You’ve probably wondered about the smell of your vagina at some point. The vagina should have a natural, musky odor. However, depending on the time of the month or the temperature outside, things may get a little funky. Since the vagina is self-cleaning, there is no need to take extreme measures to keep it clean. 

You don’t need to douche or use harsh soaps or antiseptics to keep the vagina clean. In fact, disrupting the natural balance of yeast and bacteria can make you vulnerable to infection. However, if you want to ensure your lady parts smell fresh and clean on hot summer days or during exercise, you can use a feminine deodorant spray. Before you decide to buy a spray, you should understand what is causing the unpleasant smell.

Vagina Sweat and Other Causes of Vaginal Odor

The vagina naturally contains fluids and bacteria which keep it at a pH of around 4.5. These fluids and bacteria can cause an odor but it isn’t usually overly strong. If you’re experiencing a highly unpleasant smell, this may mean something is wrong. Let’s look at some of the most common causes of vaginal odor.

  • Infection - Bacterial vaginosis or a sexually transmitted infection can cause a foul odor to develop. If the smell is accompanied by unusual vaginal discharge, you should see your doctor instead of trying to mask the odor. If your doctor gives you a clean bill of health, your odor could be due to several other factors.

  • Sweat – The area around your genital can get quite sweaty. When sweat mixes with your usual discharge, you may become more smelly than usual especially if your clothing or underwear don’t allow for proper airflow or you keep on wet clothes for a long time.

  • Medications – Antibiotics can disrupt the normal balance of bacteria in your vagina and this can cause a change in scent. Antihistamines can also make your vagina dry and this too can make you smell different. Some herbal remedies can also affect your vaginal odor. 


  • Hormonal changes – The scent and consistency of your discharge change throughout your menstrual cycle. Hormonal treatment and birth control pills can also affect the pH of the vagina and the smell. 

  • Diet – Eating spicy foods like garlic, onion, and curry can alter how you smell down there.


How Feminine Deodorant Spray Helps


There is nothing wrong with the natural odor of the vagina and you aren’t obligated to try to cover up your scent. However, if you want to control your odor, you can use a feminine deodorant spray. Just make sure to choose a natural, safe option which won’t disrupt the pH of your vaginal or irritate your skin.


These sprays help to prevent and reduce odor when sprayed on the outside of the vaginal area. They often contain powders which absorb moisture and bad smells and some can be applied to your underwear or panty liner in addition to your skin. Keep in mind that these sprays don’t clean the vulva or treat medical conditions. They only keep odor at bay.

How to Choose the Right Feminine Deodorant

You may have been warned against using deodorants but it’s important to note that not all are the same. While some feminine sprays contain harmful chemicals which shouldn’t be used in your intimate areas, some are made from safe, natural ingredients. Sprays like The Spritzer from Queen V can be used without fear. This rosewater product is hydrating and refreshing, and it doesn’t contain any harsh or unnecessary ingredients.


Ingredients Matter

You need to check the ingredients in any feminine deodorant spray before you buy it. Make sure it doesn’t contain things to which you are allergic or chemicals which do more harm than good.

What to Look for When Choosing a Spray

Look for deodorant sprays which contain harmless powders like cornstarch and only natural fragrances. If the product is made with synthetic ingredients and harsh chemicals, it can cause itching and make you more vulnerable to infection. 

What to Avoid When Buying Feminine Deodorants

There is a risk that talc can be carcinogenic if you use it on your genitals so it is best to avoid sprays which contain talc. You should also pass on deodorants which contain soap or lots of alcohol since these can mess with the pH balance of your vagina. Sulfates and parabens can also be harmful ingredients.

Things to Keep in Mind When Using Deodorant Sprays

Even when you choose the best available deodorant sprays on the market, you need to make sure you use them correctly. Even natural products can be harmful if misused. Here’s what you need to do.



Read the Directions on the Spray

You may assume you know how to use your new deodorant spray, but you should always read the instructions and follow them closely. The safety precautions are there for a reason and you should pay attention to them.

Don’t Try to Use Feminine Deodorants Inside the Vagina

These sprays are only meant to be used on the outside of the vulva. You could harm yourself by trying to use them internally.

Stop Using the Product if You Notice Irritation

No matter how highly recommended a deodorant may be, you should discontinue use if it causes you to itch or break out in a rash. If your symptoms are severe, you should contact your doctor. 


 Don’t Overuse Deodorant Spray

These products are helpful but if you use them too much, you can irritate your genital area. If you feel like you must constantly mask the smell of your vagina, you may be dealing with more than a sweaty vagina. Make an appointment to see your doctor so you can rule out a serious condition.

Feminine deodorizers can help to improve the smell of your vagina but you need to choose them carefully. Some products on the market include harmful chemicals which can lead to infection and irritation. However, natural products with minimal ingredients are safe for fighting personal odors. Follow the suggestions in this guide and you’ll be able to make an informed decision.


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