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    Article - Wtf is keto crotch?!

    Before we hop into the subject of “keto crotch”, we should discuss what exactly keto is. The name keto comes from the word “ketosis”, which is a normal metabolism process that happens within the body. When your body is in ketosis, this means that there is not enough glucose to fuel yourself up, so it pulls from your fat instead. The keto diet can actually help your body reach ketosis, helping you lose weight! In the simplest terms, the keto diet cuts out all sugars and carbs and has been one of the new popular diet fads going around right now.


    You might be able to put two and two together just by the title. Keto crotch is known to be a side effect of going on the keto diet and reaching ketosis. Once you reach this state, it is said by many women that their vagina begins to smell a lot worse than before. There actually isn’t any scientific research studying this at the moment but females on keto have voiced their concerns over the internet many times. What gynecologists believe is the problem, is how the keto diet is affecting your vaginal pH, making your V smell a little off (like nail polish remover to be more exact).


    Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop at the crotch. There’s keto breath, keto diarrhea, keto rash and even keto flu (yikes). If you are interested in doing the keto diet, be prepared for an equal amount of good and bad outcomes. On one hand, you are burning off your extra fat and on the other, you’re having stronger vaginal odors and leaky poops (is this TMI?). Before taking the keto plunge, we always recommend that you speak with a doctor or nutritionist beforehand to see what diet is best for you!