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article - Period poops

Period. Poops. It’s already hard enough to deal with the cramps, headaches and overall misery, but then it starts to affect your bathroom habits too (major eye roll). We’re here to unveil the mystery and horror of period poops, why they happen, and of course, how to make them better.

Why does this happen?

Let’s talk about what is going on inside our bodies before we tackle what’s happening on the outside (in your toilet, yikes). Basically, the cause is prostaglandins, chemical signals that tell the uterus to contract. Some stray signals make it past the uterus to the bowels, causing painful cramps, diarrhea, and even nausea. If you’re one of those ladies who gets backed up during that time of the month, you can blame the dip in the hormone progesterone right before your period starts.

How can I make it better?

Now that we’ve established the reasoning behind your shitty situation (literally), here are some tips to make things go a little smoother. So that you are prepared for period poops and all the other symptoms that come with it, we suggest tracking your period with period apps so that you can prep your body for what’s to come.

We know that you’re craving so many different foods while on your period, and leafy greens are probably not one of them. We want mac and cheese, pizza, ice cream, the works. Another big one is coffee. One reason is obviously the pooping but it can increase your chances of having symptoms like cramping. So next time you’re hangry for some fries, switch that out for more fibrous foods (chia seeds, bananas, avocados, etc.) and your body will thank you later.

Taking certain types of probiotics can be a good move too! This can be a great way to help regulate healthier poops while on your period (or anytime).