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15% Off All In-Stock Items – Discount Applied at Checkout



    Article - Nipple hairs

    When you look down at your nipples, the last thing you probably expect to see is a straggling hair (or two… or seven). Although body hair anywhere can sometimes be a nuisance thanks to ingrown hairs, razor burn and all of that good stuff, the hair on your nipples can be even harder to remove and understand.

    For the most part, nipple hairs are completely 100% normal and a large percentage of women have them! Some causes could be hormonal changes and certain medications. If your fur begins to bother you, the best way to eliminate nipple hair is by trimming, so you don’t disturb the delicate skin of the areola or hurt yourself. Tweezing is another option, but beware because it is painful!

    The only cause for concern is if suddenly the amount of hair you notice on your breasts has increased or is paired with acne and irregular periods. This might be a sign of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) or another condition and it is safest to consult a doctor on what to do next.