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15% Off All In-Stock Items – Discount Applied at Checkout

    Health benefits of orgasm

    Board-certified Obstetrician ∕ Gynecologist

    Health benefits of orgasm

    Orgasms feel great, yes. But did you know they have health benefits too??Here are some favorites: 

    Orgasms release “happy hormones”
    That post orgasm glow? That’s in part caused by the hormones oxytocin and dopamine that are released during sexual arousal and especially orgasm. These hormones promote a peace and feeling of satisfaction and well-being. That’s why they’re called our “happy hormones”!

    Orgasms release endorphins
    Sex and orgasm can initiate a big release of endorphins. Endorphins are chemical messengers released by the brain that have many benefits in our bodies: increase pleasure, reduce stress, depression, and anxiety, improve mood and more. We could all use that!

    It counts as exercise!
    Achieving orgasm typically entails physical movement with an increase in heart rate, just like exercise! Muscles are activated and the body feels energized. And remember, exercise releases endorphins too for even more of those benefits. That’s just one of the reasons that a sense of feel good in our bodies, better sleep, and peace can come after both exercise AND sex!

    Speaking of sleep. Orgasmscanpromote better sleep!
    Endorphin releaseandexercise –these effects of orgasm all lead to better sleep!

    Promotes lubricant for even better sex.
    Please hear this clearly first: being “wet” does not equal sexual arousal and feeling “dry” does not mean no arousal. But, in general, sexual arousal increases blood flow to the genitals and this increase in blood flow increases the body’s natural lubrication. An orgasm feels great in and of itself, but it can make all the rest of sex feel better too. Win win!

    Helps communication with a partner.
    No one expects a masseuse to know which specific areas to target during a massage without communication. Same with sex! Communicating what feels good to YOU and telling your partner how to help can lead to orgasm faster and more frequently. This can help facilitate open communication in all parts of a relationship.