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Article - First period stories

First period stories are so unique, funny, and embarrassing and deserved to be shared among fellow women. Here are some of our favorite period stories submitted to us!


I was at a swim meet. A FREAKIN' SWIM MEET. I had one more race for the day. I went to the bathroom before heading up to the swim deck only to find a surprise at the bottom of my one-piece. I panicked and just hid in the stall. Finally, my mom came bursting into the locker room looking for me when my race was about to start. I laugh now because I remember her face said, “OMFG why now?” She told me that everything's cool and made me race anyways. I stood on the block, hoping that blood wasn’t running down my legs. Not to mention that I was doing breaststroke, the only stroke where you spread your legs LOL. Spoiler, I survived but still triggered to this day.


I was 13 years old, awkward, innocent, and changing in the middle school locker rooms for P.E. class. All of a sudden I realize that something doesn’t quite seem right. Being 13, dramatic, and in full panic mode, I called my mom telling her she NEEDED to come get me. Because I was dying. I told her I needed to be driven to the hospital immediately for tests to see what could possibly be wrong with me. Instead, she drives straight home. I remember my mom gave me the American Girl “Body Book” and it made me feel way more normal about all these changes. All of a sudden it was cool that I got it first, and when my friends caught up I became their go-to girl.


It was the summer right after 6th grade and I was on vacation with my family in France. One day while sitting at a restaurant I started feeling horrible stomach pains, so bad I thought my appendix was going to burst. I didn’t want to ruin our vacation so I didn’t tell anyone. The next day I noticed blood when I went to the bathroom. My older sister had already gotten her period so I knew exactly what it was. I just stuffed a bunch of toilet paper in my underwear and it passed after about another day. I didn’t tell my mom until later when we were back home in America.


I’d just gotten back from basketball practice and hopped in the bathroom for a shower. Halfway through washing my hair, I looked down and saw some blood running down my leg. I thought to myself, “shoot, I must’ve cut myself somewhere.” My 12-year old mind immediately imagined another player scratching me or running into something—because that happens all the time on your inner thigh right?. Well, fifteen minutes later, having not found a cut or any source of blood at all, I concluded that I’d just seen red (again, clueless 12-year-old mind at work). Later that evening my mom came to my room and asked, “Is there anything you want to tell me?”. I said “Oh no, I just cut my leg somewhere”. My mom, seeing right through my 12-year-old ignorance, didn’t take this explanation.


was 12 years old and I was at an all-day soccer camp in the hot heat of summer. It was during sprints that I noticed DAMN, I am sweating A LOT. A lot more than normal. It was in that hot porta potty stall where I noticed my underwear was covered in blood. Little 12 year-old me thought I was allergic to exercise or really outdid myself in sprints that day. When I got home I made my mom check my underwear. She goes, “Yup honey, that is your period. Welcome to the club”. I had plans later that day to go swimming so this meant only one thing: tampon crash course. After I got the tampon in, I called my friends and bragged about this whole tampon experience. And how my mom said I am a woman now.

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