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Your Vaginal Discharge Color Guide

Ladies, we’re talking about vaginal discharge. Love it or hate it, it is a normal occurrence and a great way to indicate whether your vagina is in good health! Your discharge is a reflection of what is happening internally. By analyzing the odor, color, and consistency, you can recognize if you may have an infection or if you are just ovulating! Today we’re going to focus on color and what each shade can mean for you. Let’s break it down:

Clear or White to Light Yellow

When your discharge ranges between translucent to a very light yellow, it usually means everything is normal. Clear discharge is actually a natural lubricant and occurs frequently during pregnancy or ovulation. White to light yellow can be normal, just keep a lookout for any strong odors, thicker textures, and irritation. This could be a sign of a yeast infection.

Yellow to Green

Yellow to yellowish green discharge could be normal and usually just means that there has been a change in your diet and your vitamin intake. If there is a thick and chunky consistency and it has a strong odor, this could mean you have an infection or an STI.

Pink or Bright Red to Rusty Red

This usually happens while you are menstruating. Pink discharge can be an indication that you are about to start your period and brownish red discharge usually happens at the end. If your discharge is red while you are not menstruating, you could be having a medical problem. If this happens while you are pregnant, it could be a sign of a miscarriage. If this happens, please contact your doctor!

Light Gray to Dark Gray

Having a grayish color in your discharge is usually a symptom of bacterial vaginosis. Other symptoms of BV could be itchiness, a strong odor and redness from irritation. No sweat, BV is super common among women and can be treated by visiting your OBGYN!

By Emily Munroe



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K March 25, 2019

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Emily Blunt February 25, 2019

Hello, I have a some questions about Queen V. So I have the eraser the one for yeast infections because I simply thought I had one. My area wasn’t painful or anything but there was this weird discharge. The discharge is most of the time liquid like and white but some times when I wipe its white and clumped. Are the pills for this? Do u know what this discharge is?

Tiger Love November 08, 2018

Nicely written and good use of visual! Loved it and Thank You! I Love Queen V!

Emily October 19, 2018

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