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Why is My Boyfriend Scared to Use My Body Wash?

This topic came up when my boyfriend was taking a shower and he asked me to hand him over more body wash when he ran out. I told him to use my body wash (Make it Reign) and he straight up refused. I didn’t understand what the big deal was, it's really just body wash? He expressed that the wash was for vaginas only and he made it seem like he would sprout one if he used it.

LISTEN, BOYS. YOU CAN USE OUR FEMININE HYGIENE BODY WASH. And let me tell you why. What a vaginal pH balancing wash essentially is, is basically your body wash but better. This is the case because it matches the pH levels for the vagina and human skin. The vagina has a pH of 3.8-4.5 and your skin is around a 5, both having similar pH levels on the acidic side. They aren’t pumping estrogen into these washes, it’s just changing the pH levels so that your skin is healthier, down there and everywhere. Because… science. ;)

Unless you don’t like smelling like mangos and green tea, there is no reason to be afraid of using vaginal pH balancing wash. A big pink bottle that says “Queen V” on it may intimidate you but we can assure you there is nothing to be worried about. If anything, you’ll smell good and feel even better! So ladies, if you have a stubborn boy in your life that isn’t down with the V wash, hit him with this knowledge and see if he changes his mind. Mine did! :)


Written by Emily Munroe

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Where can I get the queen v eraser all of the Walmart’s are out of it and I need some immediately!

Tyleshia Taylor March 11, 2019

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