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Vaginal Washing 101

vaginal washing 101

I don’t know about all of you reading this, but for a good amount of my life, I was washing my vagina completely wrong. The sad thing is that we have to find this information on our own rather than being taught in sex ed or otherwise. But it is ever too late to change your washing habits to ensure a healthier V!

The way to wash your V… is to not wash it at all (WHAT?!). Let me explain. The vagina is actually a self-cleaning machine. We can’t say this enough! That’s why we always recommend avoiding things like douches or cleansing sticks. This will just upset the balance of your vaginal pH and can actually cause infections instead of fighting them off. You may think that your vagina smells and that she needs a wash on the inside but try to steer clear of doing that. If the smell continues, it may be the result of an infection.

BUT we do understand that it does get a lil toasty down there throughout the day so your vulva does need a little TLC, just like the rest of your body. Using mild pH balancing soaps is a great way to clean your external areas, like your labia (aka the lips) and rinsing away with warm water. And VOILA, you have yourself a squeaky clean V.

P.S. If your V feels irritated or there is still a strong odor after using this washing method, please contact your gynecologist to make sure that it is not an infection!


Written by Emily Munroe