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Tips to Make Your Period Week More Bearable

We love being women but let’s face it, periods SUCK. You feel gross, bloated, horny, sad, sweaty, you name it. But it doesn’t have to always be this way! We have some tips and tricks to help your next period week go so much smoother.

Eat dark chocolate

You crave it and you need it. Win-win! Dark chocolate is great for alleviating cramps because it packed with magnesium! It can also put you in a better mood by releasing endorphins. Remember to eat in moderation and the best chocolate for you is 65% cocoa or more.


Speaking of endorphins, exercising is a great way to gain some. I know that exercising is the last thing you want to do when you’re on your period but it really makes a difference in your PMS symptoms. If you really don’t want to leave the bed, having an orgasm also helps! Whether it’s with your partner or by yourself, having an orgasm is a natural pain reliever from the increase of blood flow to the uterus.

Track your period

Unless you love being surprised when your period visits, you should definitely consider tracking it. There are so many period planning apps out there to help you! Tracking your period in advance can be great for preparing yourself for the symptoms ahead. So when a pimple pops up on your chin, you know why.

Heating pad

When your cramps are too much to handle, a heating pad is a great solution. The heat can stimulate blood flow which can relieve the pain. Some people even say this is a faster solution compared to ibuprofen!

Less caffeine, more water

While on your period, your body tends to retain more water than usual which can lead to extra bloating. Try drinking more water during your period to make up for the extra water being retained and to help with other period symptoms like headaches, cramps, and diarrhea. However, ingesting caffeine can make you even more dehydrated. Drink a cup of coffee if you must, but it is better to keep it to a minimum during this week.


Written by Emily Munroe

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