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Tips and Tricks on How to Optimize Your Time

 optimize your time with these tricks

Hi Queens! As a first-year college student, I had to test a plethora of time management strategies. And let me tell you—it was NOT easy. Lucky for you, my pain is your gain!

These are the tricks that have worked for me and many of my friends. I hope they work for you as well!

When optimizing your time, I strongly advise you to start with your planner. If you don’t have a planner, I would get one or make one yourself. Every Sunday, I schedule my week out. I plan out my due dates for assignments, meetings, and tasks for my job.

Although I swear by a planner, I also use Google Calendar for optimal organization. On Google Calendar, I have my classes, meetings, exam dates, phone calls (for work), and anything else that requires my attention. I really like Google Calendar because it allows you to see, in real time, your availability. Because I am so used to scheduling on Google Calendar, I even add in times allocated for studying and working out. To me, writing something out sort of brings it into existence. Like when I carve out an hour of my day for the gym, I feel way more motivated to work out because I want to keep up with my clean-cut schedule.

Another thing I like to do is keep myself in an environment in which I am motivated. For example, I can only be productive in my bedroom when my room is cleaned. When my room is messy, all I can ever think about is how messy my room is and how stressed out it makes me feel. Since I am lucky enough to be in college, I usually go to my residence hall’s study room or the library. When your environment has little distraction, you are far more likely to be productive.

Lastly, when I know I will be busy for long periods of time, I always make sure I have coffee, a snack, a charger, and my necessary resources (i.e. textbooks, notebooks, headphones, laptop charger, etc.). When you have all the things you need to complete your work, you have no excuses to not stay productive.

Time optimization is extremely easy if you apply yourself! Don’t be afraid to try new things in order to develop your own regimen! Best of luck, Queens.

By  Soraya Raji (Queen VIP)