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Netflix (and Hulu and cable) and chill is probably one of our team’s favorite pastimes. We watch many shows, well maybe too many, and these four are our top shows right now. Don’t forget to let us know if you watch these, too!


This show is definitely a favorite among all of us and is so relatable it hurts! The show follows two middle school girls (both played by women in their early 30s lol) that are best friends in the 2000s. Pen15 is great at making you travel back to the most awkward moments that your 13-year-old self experienced and think “Oh man, I totally did that”. Get ready to laugh out loud and feel nostalgic af. You can watch it now on Hulu!


Even though we’re super sad that the series is ending after 4 seasons, it’s not too late to enjoy the hilarious and catchy musical numbers performed by the ultra-relatable “crazy ex” Rebecca Bunch and her fellow cast members (anyone remember Period Sex)? The show is all about embracing flaws and destigmatizing mental illness, and you can watch it play out on the CW.


Hulu’s new “woke” comedy celebrates female empowerment by telling the story of Annie, played by the hilarious Aidy Bryant, a writer who breaks out onto the scene by being unapologetic about what she deserves. The show explores themes like unplanned pregnancy and body confidence while giving us all a heroine we can believe in.


This is like “Groundhog Day” with a feminist, murderous twist. Sign me up! Natasha Lyonne (from Orange is the New Black) plays Nadia, a girl who goes to a party in New York, ends up dead and wakes up to find she is about to play the same day over again. This dramedy will have you hooked, so get ready to binge. Watch now on Netflix!


Written by Emily Munroe