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Shaving 101

To shave or not to shave? That is the question… that we ask ourselves every time we hop in the shower. Whether you do or don’t, doesn’t matter to us, only to you! We are just here to help you achieve comfy skin with these shaving tips!

Steps to Shaving Body Hair

To achieve smooth body hair, follow these steps!

  1. Use a razor with multiple blades. This achieves a closer shave and is less likely to result in cuts and ingrown hairs. Make sure your blade is clean and not too old. Rust on the blades is definitely a clear sign to switch razors.
  2. Be sure to exfoliate the skin with a body scrub. This removes dead skins cells and gives you a closer shave. Washing in warm water also helps loosen the hair follicles to get a better shave. If you are a cold shower person, be sure to switch to hot water when you do shave.
  3. Use shaving cream! If you don’t have any, use conditioner instead (like I do). It does the job just as well.
  4. Don't forget to moisturize after drying off. Coconut oil is a popular one to use!
  5. Dry your razor once you are done. This helps your blade last a lot longer. Save that monayyy!

Differences for Pubic Hair

Shaving your pubic hair is basically the same process but with some minor adjustments!

  1. If your pubic hair is on the longer side, be sure to trim before you take a razor to it. Trust me, this speeds up the process A TON.
  2. When you shave, don’t go against your hair growth. When you shave with them, it’s not as close of a shave but you will be less irritated!

Myths and Facts

Some people believe that not shaving can actually harbor STDs within your pubes. I for one, am not buying it. There are so many different variables that come into play and there isn't a strong correlation between shaving your pubes and increasing the risk of getting an STI. As long as you are having protected sex and you are not sharing your razor with anyone, you should be fine!

Another one is that pheromones can actually lock within your pubic hair, making woohoo time more enjoyable. Honestly, you and your partner should try both and experiment! This is totally subjective and based on personal preference! Have fun :)

So, whether you decide to make your body soft like a baby’s butt or stay furry for the winter, make sure you are comfy and irritation-free! We hope that these tips help you and you learned something along the way!

By Emily Munroe


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april eames February 16, 2019

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