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QV TEAM - Our New Year's Resolutions

Raphaelle (Graphic Designer)

One thing I am constantly working on is lifting up the people around me. This year I want to work on being a better listener and making sure my loved ones feel taken care of. Human connection leads to longer healthier lives!

Melody (Content Manager)

My main goal for 2020 is to reduce stress. With living in a big city comes a lot of hustle and bustle, I think it’s really important to find time for myself and to focus on my health. Maybe I’ll pick up a new hobby!

Lauren (Founder)

My 2020 goal is to be more present. I am going to try to cut down how much time I am on my phone and really try to appreciate and enjoy every moment. 

Blaize (Brand Partnerships Manager)

My resolution is to commit to waking up earlier every single morning to journal or read, enjoy a healthy breakfast, and take my dog for a long walk. I also want to commit to celebrating my small personal wins. I think in today's society there's a lot of comparison and self-judgment because we're constantly looking at other people's successes through social media. So, by taking the time to celebrate even the small wins would help to cultivate a healthier mindset. 

Bailley (Director of Operations)

This 2020, I want to work on apologizing less. I find myself always saying sorry; sorry I’m too tired, sorry I can’t talk, sorry for taking up more space than most. My goal is to get to a place where I am confident enough in myself to make decisions and be myself without having to feel the need to apologize to those around me. I deserve to take up space, I deserve to prioritize myself before others! 

Emily (Communications Specialist)

My 2020 goals are to work on my confidence and health. For a long time, I have disregarded issues surrounding my health, writing them off as unimportant and something I can deal with later (who knows when “later” is). And self-confidence is something I constantly struggle with. I hope to open my heart to myself which will, in turn, open my heart to others who care for me. My beginning to-do list will include doing more meditation and yoga, eating foods that not only taste good but make me feel good, and writing things down (bad AND good) in a journal. I also really want a dog LOL.

Analisa (PR Intern)

In 2020, I want to work on my sleeping, eating, and fitness habits. I want to start focusing on leading a healthier lifestyle, eating healthier foods and sleeping 8 hours every night. I’ve always wanted to try boxing, so I’m going to finally sign up for a monthly membership! I want to start making it a habit to do things that make me feel good.