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Queen V's Wellness Gift Guide

Are you scrambling to find great gifts before the holiday? Because, same. Our Queen VIPs have come up with a great holiday gift guide to inspire some last minute shopping ideas! 


This face mask is AMAZING and leaves your skin feeling reborn. Mix it with some apple cider vinegar and you will feel your face start to tingle--in a good way.


Everybody knows that hydration is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body, and we personally feel more inclined to drink water when it's in a pretty bottle.


During the holiday season, Bath and Body Works has amazing deals for some quality candles. These are great to fill your home with warm fall scents that make you want to curl up around the fire!

$15.99 - $29.99

For your friends who love a good-smelling house, these are great and there are many different designs to choose from.


Essential oils are all the hype right now. It's always fun to pick and choose between quite a few blends depending on who you are gifting to!


Written by a mom, this cookbook includes easy, time-saving recipes that are also full of natural, good-for-you ingredients. These recipes are also great if you are trying to meal plan!

$16.43 - $20.13

This is a great gift to start off the new year with. Give your friend the gift of a clean slate and planning ahead for the year while keeping their goals in sight!


This super cute gift gives anyone the ability to make their own zen garden kit. Equipped with everything one needs including planting pots, labels, and a growing guide!

$33 - $130

This mat is perfect for beginners trying to get into the yogi experience. Whether you want to go to a studio or just set up a diffuser and YouTube some yoga videos in your room, this is a great gift to say "take some time for yourself."


These are so amazing. Honestly, if nothing else, they're just so pretty to look at. But they are supposed to oxidize the air in the home and raise your serotonin levels, and I think that's always worth a try (especially in the cold, dark winter.)

By Laney Lovsteen, Ella Hunt, and Triana Jackson (Queen VIPs)

@laneyyloveee, @thepink.zone, @_treejackk

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