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Queen V Products as Zodiac Signs

We know Friday the 13th is linked to bad luck, and we know this isn't the first time you're hearing today is Friday the 13th (!), but FEAR NOT. The stars are always aligned for Queen V and we've got you and your astrological persona covered on this new-moon/solar-eclipse/mars in retrograde/spooky-stitious day. Find out below which Queen V product best suits your sign, your soul, and your superstitions...

Aquarius - Aquarians are known for being highly intellectual, deep thinkers with a love of helping others. That said, we know you're smart enough to take precaution and help yourself to some UTMI urinary tract support pills. You like to fight for a cause, so why not fight for the health of your V?

Pisces - We see you, water sign! For a sign that's known to be compassionate, easygoing and gentle, there's nothing like Make It Reign for a smart and safe ph-balanced body wash that also allows you to treat yo'self.

Aries - Shoutout to the Aries out there, you know you're the trailblazers of the bunch. Sure you're familiar with bath bombs, but have you tried ones that both smell fantastic AND relieve menstrual cramps? Try out Bombshell and reclaim the throne as the fearless leader of your squad and your time of the month.

Taurus - P.S., we lube you, Taurus. You're a trustworthy gal who deserves a trustworthy product. You're sensual, ambitious, and pay great attention to detail; that's how you know wetter is always better with P.S. I Lube You aloe-based organic lube. 

Gemini - Quick-witted and the life of the party, Geminis are pros at thinking on their feet while being a social butterfly - just like the Spritzer. Great for when you're in a pinch and running errands, and portable enough to take with you to all social gatherings, the Spritzer is your perfect match.

Cancer - You've gotoff the charts emotional intelligence and you deserve a product as practical as you are. The DD Probiotic mirrors Cancer's resilience by bringing the good bacteria in and keeping the bad bacteria out. And for a sign as loyal as yours, you should have no problem sticking to the schedule with a daily probiotic!

Leo - Yeast infections are no match for a bold leader like you, Leo. You always strive to be the best you can be so you should never let any setbacks get in the way. The Eraser is your quick and effective fix to make a roadblock down there vanish and bring you back to the limelight where you belong. 

Virgo - You're sophisticated, responsible and kind, just like the V Bar. Both Virgos and V Bars get the job done with no complaints. A rosewater infused, pH-balanced cleansing bar, the V Bar is a match made in heaven for a sign with as exquisite taste as this. 

Libra -  Ruled by beauty planet Venus, Libras love a life that looks and feels good. Even more so, when Libras fall in love, they fall hard. That's why you should double tap on the Swipe Right Wipes, a long-lasting product that will stand by your side allowing you to feel your most fresh and fabulous.

Scorpio - Plain and simple, you Scorpios are seductive and passionate. Like our beloved Spray Bay Bay, you aren't afraid of controversy and you make a statement wherever you go. This sprayable intimate moisturizer is as genuine as you are so let this product spark your provocative side. 

Sagittarius - You're a creative thinker, a team player, and you have enough energy to light up the sun. Isn't that exhausting? You're a natural born leader who deserves a break. Soak up the suds with Pop the Bubbly and unwind without dimming your shine.

Capricorn - You're totally in control and always get what you set your mind to, and we seriously envy you. Capricorns thrive on following the rules and love tradition and routine. Are you thinking what we're thinking? The DD daily probiotic will have you ready to conquer the world and keep you and your V healthy, so get out there and show us what you got!

By Alison Lanshe


I absolutely love love love these products. I haven’t tried them all but the ones that I have tried I can’t stop telling others about. I have My friends and family on the queenV wave and they absolutely love it as well. Thank you 🌹

Miyana April 22, 2019

Love your products

Liza Paiz July 13, 2018

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