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Our 3-Step Process

Queen V is a feminine health and wellness company here to upgrade your V with the royal treatment! Our products are conveniently color coded to guide women through our 3-step process. The 3 steps are:


Queen V's MAINTAIN products are all in blue packaging. They are here to help you maintain a fresh V by giving you the power of maintaining healthy pH levels. Whether you are out and about or cozy on the couch, Queen V's MAINTAIN series has your back.


All the products in pink packaging are to help you enjoy your V. Part-time wingwoman, full-time bodyguard, Queen V ENJOY products will keep you safe from bacteria and keep your V happy and healthy.


Hate is a strong word, but we really really don't like UTIs. Or yeast infections. And while we're at it, we loathe menstrual cramps. But fear not, Queen V green HEAL products to the rescue. We know that dealing with these problems can be embarrassing and stressful, so Queen V has made natural and effective remedies that will kick those infections to the curb and soothe period pains.

We hope this 3-step process will keep your V so fresh and so queen. From everyone at Queen V, have fun and stay healthy!


Can I use the eraser for yeast infection while I’m on my cycle

Shane June 16, 2019

If your yeast infection or BV clears up within a day or 2 do you still have to continue using the rest? Or can you stop once it clears?

Erika January 21, 2019

Is it safe to use while on cycle ?

LBM October 01, 2018


PAULA August 14, 2018


Bryana June 11, 2018

I absolutely love these products! I never felt “clean” even after using number of different washes… but this one is 100% the best thing I have ever used!

Ashley June 10, 2018

Im trying to figure out which one will be best for me. Im a 36 yr old women. Thank you!😀

Jessica Jordan June 09, 2018

I’ve never been able to use soap on my queen V. Yours gave me zero reaction! I couldn’t even use baby products. Love love love, cant wait to try all your products. I havent taken a bubble bath in 20 years.

Jeanette May 26, 2018

Do you have to take all 3 steps for the product to actually work?

Aileen May 14, 2018

Does it really work and is it PH friendly

Samantha Michelle Gutierrez May 07, 2018

I am a new fan of your products and I have also introduced them to my teenage daughter!! A healthy V is so super important.. Thank you all

Amber May 03, 2018

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