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Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is around the corner (literally) and we know there are some of you who can NOT lock down a great present for mom. Well, lucky you! We have put together a small Mother’s Day gift guide so you have more options to find the perfect gift for mom.

“Give it to her as a gift; get it back as a chronicle of her life.” This is a wonderful way to connect with your mom deeper than before by exploring her first thoughts when she became a mother, her hopes in life and her most meaningful memories. This is a gift that both of you can cherish for many Mother’s Days to come!


Bring the spa home to mom with this gift! This at-home foot bath can rejuvenate the most overworked feet and comes with a brush that helps with deeper cleaning and exfoliating, leaving her feet softer than a baby’s bum.


You can never go wrong with skin care. Pamper your mom with this awesome variety pack of face sheet masks. You can choose a revitalizing or rejuvenating variety pack depending on her skin type. Your mom will be glowing and moisturized this Mother’s Day!


Essential oils are all the rage! This little diffuser covers a lot of ground and can bring it’s aromatherapeutic abilities to many different rooms. Include it with lavender essential oils and your mom is guaranteed to have a great night sleep with this little guy fuming. She definitely deserves it!


Martha Stewart must have really inspired him! This is the first ever cookbook by Snoop Dog and it is a DELIGHT to read. The recipes range from his fav munchies to foods like Lobster Thermidor. And you better believe that he put in his recipe for gin and juice. This book will be sure to put a smile on your mom’s face and get her motivated to try out new recipes.  

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