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Getting a Brazilian For the First Time

I have waxed on my eyebrows, my upper lip, even my armpits. I’m not foreign to the world of waxing and sugaring. BUT getting a wax near my vagina is something I never thought I would do. UNTIL NOW. Here is my own personal experience of getting a Brazilian for the first time at Sugared and Bronzed.  

I had the choice of getting a bikini wax or a Brazilian, and I thought: I should go big or go home. For the folks at home who don’t know what a Brazilian entails, it’s basically the removal of ALL your hair in your nether region. I’m talking bikini line, all the way to your butthole, and everything in between. Needless to say, I had cold feet. Luckily, the women working there were very positive and ensured me that this was going to be fine and even offered a numbing spray! 

Ok, now it's time to get cozy with your esthetician! I dropped my pants and relaxed on the lounge chair. In case you were worried, yes you are in a private room. They suggested that I sit butterfly style aka bringing the bottoms of your feet fleshed together. Once I became properly exposed to the world and was cleaned off, they started sprinkling corn starch around the waxing area. I’m assuming it’s for better adhesion to the hairs and/or to soak up any excess oils. They rolled up a ball of a mixture of lemon, water, and sugar and started placing and ripping away my pubic hair. 

I know you guys want to know about the pain levels and I’m here to say that there is, of course, pain. You can’t really expect it to not hurt when your hair is literally being ripped out off your skin. Surprisingly, the part that hurt the most was the bikini line. And that part that literally did not hurt AT ALL was the butthole. 

Once you look like a bare chicken breast, they clean you off with a mixture that has soothing essential oils mixed. Anddd you’re done! Since this was my first time, there was a good amount of redness for a couple of days and minor tenderness. From what I’ve heard, that stops happening after a couple more sessions. I also did experience little whiteheads on my bikini area. This is also common when you get waxed or sugared for the first time because your pores are left very exposed and dirt, oil, and swear can easily enter them.

As for the results, I was bare for a good amount of time (my hair didn’t really start growing back for 10-12 days) and it was a really nice change from my normally not-so-bare lifestyle. For anyone that would like to incorporate Brazilian waxes into their routine, I have some tips before your first session. ONE, take ibuprofen before you go in. Apparently, it helps with the pain. TWO, make sure to grow out your hair before you go in. They prefer your hair to be around a fourth of an inch long, which is around 2 weeks after your last shave. THREE, don’t put on any lotion or oils down there. It screws up with the sugaring process. And FOUR, don’t worry too much. My session lasted 10 minutes max so you are in and out super quick. 

Good luck and happy waxing/sugaring! If you want to see the video of my first waxing experience, click here


Written by: Emily Munroe