Dealing with PMS

Uh-oh! It’s that time of the month again! Emotions are running high and cramps are running even higher. It’s inevitable that you are going to be moody and in pain and it can sometimes put a damper on plans you may have for the week. But you don’t have to succumb to all the PMS woes! Here are a couple of my favorite tips and tricks to that I use to get me through my visit with with Aunt Flo:

The issue: Cramps are coming in nonstop

Solution: Cramps can be one of the worst parts of your period. Not only are you mentally suffering, but you are physically as well! My favorite way to ease my cramps is with a nice warm bath. My top 2 favorite products to use are the Queen V Bombshell bath bombs (which are specially formulated for period cramps!!) and the House of Intuition Clarity bath bag. Both do a great job to relax me and soothe all my aches.

The issue: Moodiness

Solution: When I feel myself becoming cranky or moody, I try my best to take a step back and become more self-aware. It’s hard not to project your emotions onto the people around you when your mood is so up and down. A way I usually take a step back with, is meditation. One of my favorite free apps to use for guided meditation is called Calm. They even have an Apple watch app that sends me reminders to relax and breath.

The issue: Cravings

Solution: Cravings are a big big thing I struggle with on my period. I want to eat every unhealthy greasy food in site. But that’s not always good for your body and can even make your PMS symptoms worse. The food that I don’t stop myself from indulging on is chocolate, more specifically dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has many benefits. Some of the benefits including high nutritional value, powerful source of antioxidants, lower blood pressure and much more. All these benefits give me the excuses I need to eat piles and piles of dark chocolate treats! One of my favorite dark chocolate bars is the Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Bar Intense Dark Twilight Delight.

By  Liron Mendelsohn (Queen VIP)

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