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Birds, Bees and VIPs

We're talking birds and bees! What was your experience when given the "sex talk"? Or did it even happen for you? We asked a few of our Queen VIPs and here is what they had to say! 


Generally, my family was pretty comfortable talking about sex, so there was never really a ‘talk’. But I do remember sort of having a ‘talk’ with one of my friends that were more experienced than I was about sex and how it would all go. She told me it may hurtlittle, but that it will get better with time and just to go slow. Overall, the talk was a good positive experience because I was able to talk to a friend I trusted.

- Angela Meyer


I never had the “sex talk” in my house. Sex was a taboo topic and I had no contact with it until I watched a movie that had sex in it. Later on, in middle school, we had a section of sex-ed. To this day I have never had the sex talk but I made it a note to be aware of sex health being a sexually active person. 

- Kynda Bichara


My mom never gave me the “sex talk”. I honestly didn’t know exactly what “sex” was until my friends at school brought it up and then I later was introduced to sex ed. When I was younger I was restricted from watching a lot of adult television as well so I knew sex was a thing, but I was not familiar with the word or what it meant until a little further down the road.

- Caleyah Gaither


I was in the fourth grade when I learned what sex was. My parents didn’t have a discussion with me and I learned from a friend, who heard from a friend, who heard from another friend… it was like a game of telephone. It seemed so wildly untrue that I turned to the internet to tell me what sex is, and from that, I am scarred for life.

- Cameron Montalvo


I was never given the sex talk by my parents, which most people would be grateful not to have, however, I wish I had this talk. The alternative I was given was overhearing conversations about sex from my older siblings, which is never good. Essentially, I was playing telephone with whatever I heard from them, I could understand minor details but once I attempted to relay the information to friends, NOTHING was correct. Soon enough I took a sex-ed class and found that I was missing some crucial information in the process.

- Emily T