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Binge-Worthy Shows for the Holidays

The holiday season is here! It is time for good food, spending time with family and sitting your butt on the couch and binging like mad. The Queen V team has put together the shows we are planning on binging this holiday season. If you have any shows you are looking forward to binging, comment on the titles below! 

Grace and Frankie 

This Netflix comedy explores the relationship between Grace and Frankie, who started as enemies until both of their husbands end up falling in love. They currently have five seasons realized but they are said to have been renewed for a seventh season which will be the last. 


This new Hulu comedy follows the main character, Jules, who was recently dumped by her long-term boyfriend. It’s relatable, fun, imaginative and serves as a reminder that your friendships and just as important as your romantic relationships. The first season released a week ago and we are hoping for a second season!  


This is a heartfelt, coming-of-age dramedy that exposes you to the inner workings of a family with an autistic child. Follow Sam, a teen on the spectrum, through his journey into finding love for the first time. The other characters go through their own growth and support each other in warm-hearted ways. Watch all 3 seasons on Netflix, the third one just dropped earlier this month.

The Morning Show

Apple TV recently released the show this month and it takes a satiric inside look on the daily lives of the people who work in morning TV. The cast is amazing and the drama it provides is relevant to today’s issues involving harassment in the workplace. There are currently only 4 episodes but there are plenty more to come! 

Schitt’s Creek

Created by a father-son duo, this is one you can watch with the whole family. You’ll root for the Roses as they lose their family fortune and settle into a quaint town (looking at those of you traveling back to your hometowns). It’s equal parts sassy and wholesome, and all 5 seasons are currently on Netflix. Make sure to catch up before the 6th season airs in January!

H20: Just Add Water 

If anyone was obsessed with mermaids as a kid, they were watching H20. You may have forgotten about this gem but nothing feels better than throwing back to your favorite Australian half-fish trio and soaking in the nostalgia. The best part is, H20’s official YouTube channel has conveniently uploaded all episodes for FREE.