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The QV Team: Best International Places to Travel

In celebration of Queen V going into our first international store, Sephora South Korea, the team will be sharing our favorite places we've traveled to outside of the U.S. Comment below your fav international destination you've been to or your dream international vacation!

Venice, Italy - Lauren S.

Italy is my favorite place in the world to visit. Italian food is everything to me and the scenery in Italy cannot be beat. I am so lucky to have gotten to travel to Italy multiple times but the last time I went I traveled to Venice, Italy. It’s so romantic and it’s so fun to roam around and get lost! 

My favorite activity in Venice was taking a boat to the different islands nearby. We went to Burano and Murano and had THE best desserts. 

Every time I go to Italy, I eat nothing but gelato and carbs! You can’t go wrong in Italy. 

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands - Emily W.

After I graduated high school, my best friend and I took a trip to St. Thomas, an island in the Caribbean. It’s a small, yet tropical and beautiful island. It’s known for its scenic beaches and overall island vibe.

My favorite activity I did while in St. Thomas was just exploring the beaches and scenery. There’s a lot of different beaches--ones that are more secluded and quiet and ones with more people and with more activities. The scenery is also amazing because there’s a ton of natural greenery and hills.

My favorite drink was any of the tropical or fruity drinks...when you’re on vacation, they’re a must!

 Buenos Aires, Argentina - Emily M.

I went to Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires, before the start of my senior year of college. It was super colorful, lively and very sexy.

One of Buenos Aires’ most popular spots is La Boca, a neighborhood right along the Riachuelo River with an Italian influence. It’s a great place to see people busk music, buy local art and watch locals tango in the streets. 

Argentina is well known for having local beef incorporated into their cuisine. I went to La Brigada, a restaurant right across from Puerto Madero, and had the most amazing steak. They came out and cut it with a SPOON. This place is also where I first fell in love with my favorite red wine, Malbec, a wine only made in Argentina. 

Pro tip: Many locals do not speak English so it’s super helpful to know the basics or have a translator on hand to get around easier. 

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - Melody R.

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland is hands down the most beautiful place I have ever visited--it is straight out of a storybook!

The most memorable moment I have from this place is taking a train from one town to another. I was really able to take in the scenery and see what Switzerland is truly about.

I know this sounds cliche but every morning I looked forward to walking to the local cafe and eating croissants and drinking hot chocolate.

Pro tip: Pack comfy shoes! We spent a lot of time walking and having comfortable shoes was a big help. 

 Morocco - Raphaelle G.

I did a tour of Morocco in college on a school trip. The architecture is absolutely stunning, the culture is incredibly friendly, and the food is unforgettable. 

I especially loved visiting the souk markets in Meknes. So many beautiful smells and colors and tastes. 

One thing, in particular, I ate that I can never stop thinking about was chicken tagine with preserved lemons and olives. Meant for sharing, a tagine is a big clay pot full of slow-cooked veggies and meat and served with tons of flavorful sides and couscous. Also, the sweet mint tea served several times throughout the day. Everyone always eats and snacks together!

Pro tip: Come on an empty stomach. Try everything.

Paris, France - Blaize B. 

Paris is the city of love! It is famous for its stunning architecture, art, pastries, and luxury shopping!

My favorite activity while visiting Paris was my trip to the Louvre! Taking in all of its beautiful history was amazing. My favorite pieces were the Venus de Milo, Nike di Samotracia, and the beautiful ceilings. I also enjoyed visiting the Plaza Athenee (hey Sex & The City fans 😉).

My favorite food was the croissants from Café de Flore!

Pro tip: Try to learn the most basic phrases in French (i.e. thank you, hello, please, which way to the train? I would like to order…., we have 5 people in our party (when making reservations at a restaurant), we’ll take the bill, etc.). It’s appreciated when you attempt to speak in their native language.


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