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Best apps for your period

Don’t you just love getting that monthly surprise period?! In case you didn’t catch that, it was sarcasm. IT SUCKS! But, like many things, there’s an app for that. We came up with the best apps that we use to track our period and to make things a little bit better when Mother Nature comes knocking at our door.

This app you may have heard about since it’s considered a favorite for a reason. It’s great to use for tracking when your period is going to arrive as well as your ovulation! But it can get better at tracking based on the amount of info you put in, like what you are eating and how much sleep you get. The best part is, it’s free!

Outside from tracking your cycle, MyFLO can also leave you feeling more knowledgeable about what your periods are telling you. You can also gain more insight into things like PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids and so much more. We personally like this app because it tells us what foods we should be eating and what exercises we should be performing based on our personal cycle. Pretty neat!

This next app comes from our buds at Planned Parenthood. This is a great tracker app that lets you note what symptoms you experienced during your cycle (kinda like a diary if you will) so you can look back on previous periods and see what symptoms reoccur. It is also great for managing your birth control because we know how easily we lose track of that!

Ok, now we’re getting serious. When you have your cravings hit, they hit hard. And we know that getting out of bed and leaving your heating pad behind is not an option. That’s why Postmates is the perfect solution. Sit back, manifest good vibes and wait for your tacos to arrive. You got this ;)


Written by Emily Munroe

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