5 Items to Carry this Summer


Happy summer! Join us as we talk about the top 5 items you need to carry around this summer!


Hey, ladies I just recently started using Queen V and so far “I LOVE IT”!!! I’m happy you all came up with these products. I really want to try the swipe right wipes. Thanks, LADIES!!

Chyna Dockery February 13, 2019

Even though rose isn’t my favorite scent, I must confess that the spritzer is very nice. I enjoy applying to cool mist when I have to walk outside in the sun. However, my absolute favorite product of this line is the Bubble Bath. It smells absolutely edible!! When I first saw the Queen V products at Walmart, I was immediately drawn to the packaging – I felt like someone was channelling my peronality onto a feminine product line… bright, bold and fresh! I anxiously look forward to exploring the rest of your products.

Ve July 16, 2018

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