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5 Essential Oils to Increase Libido

Unfortunately, we can’t feel frisky by snapping our fingers. Stress, hormonal imbalance, and certain medications can really affect your sex drive. There has been a recent rise in aromatherapy and it has been helping people with relaxation, sleep, stress, and energy. So you better believe that there are certain essential oils to help get you in the mood.


A romance classic, right? Rose is known to be an aphrodisiac, helps with blood flow and relieves anxiety! Rose oil does tend to be a little more pricey so make sure to use it sparingly or make a nice blend with other scents.


This has been a scent that has been used for a few thousand years and is known so relieving tension, whether that be physical or emotional. So if you wanna feel real loosey-goosey, try this in your diffuser.


This essential oil is extracted from orange blossoms and is known for helping reduce blood pressure and uplifts the mind to help you feel more on top of the world but also grounded and calm. A perfect balance for intimacy.

Ylang Ylang

This floral scent is very well-rounded. The benefits of this aroma don’t stop at increasing sex drive but works to bring some calm to your storm of emotion. Whether it be anger, stress, fear, Ylang Ylang is the scent to put your mind at ease. It has been known to be a great partner with Sandalwood, so maybe try mixing those two together!


Makes a great herbal tea, but also does wonders with aromatherapy. Jasmine has been found to help liven up your senses, making you more aware and alert. This helps when you need a little bit of sexual awakening.

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