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The QV Team: Emily's Holiday Travel Essentials

Traveling during the holidays is nothing short of stressful and overwhelming. Be prepared for anything and become a carry-on warrior when you begin traveling these upcoming weeks! I have compiled a checklist of some essentials that should be in your carry-on bag no matter where you’re headed. 

1. Headphones

For all you Apple users, make sure you bring headphones with an aux cable, just in case you have an in-flight entertainment screen for movies. 

2. Lip balm and moisturizer

The air becomes super dry when you fly and my lips and face become so crusty. I always make sure I have lip balm and some kind of moisturizer on my person to tame my dry skin. 

3. Earplugs

These are great if you are sensitive to noise when you are trying to get some shut-eye on a long flight and sometimes headphones aren’t enough! 

4. Pillow and eyemask

On the subject of shut-eye, a pillow and an eye mask can help you achieve maximum comfort. 

5. Water bottle

I always bring a big reusable water bottle while traveling to stay hydrated. Fill it up at a water fountain once you get past security to have some extra water with you while on the plane. The water the flight attendants give you isn’t enough!

6. Download entertainment

Just in case your plane doesn’t have any in-flight entertainment, download any games, podcasts, music, books, and movies that don’t require internet. This will make the trip go by so much faster. 

7. Dress comfy and wear layers

Even if your trip is an hour-long, it’s always worth it to dress comfy. You won’t regret it! Also, temperatures inside airplanes can be unpredictable. It’s either super hot or super cold so wear layers to be prepared for anything.

8. Necessary medications

Emergen-C to keep your immunity boosted, ibuprofen for if you get headaches often, DD Probiotic to keep your vaginal pH in check, and any other important prescriptions. 

9. Hand sanitizer and disinfectant

Airports and airplanes are notorious for making people sick. Keep germs at bay with disinfectants on-the-go.

10. Portable charger

You never know when you might end up on an older plane that doesn’t have outlets. Bring a portable charger in case your phone battery runs low!


Written by: Emily Munroe